Leaking Taps? What’s the best thing to do repair or replace?

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The internet has massive amounts of information on How to Fix Leaking taps. The question is – Is it worth It?

At MYTAP we have a pretty simple answer especially if your tap is out of warranty. It’s not worth it and much better to replace it.

Wall-mounted taps are a potential exception to the rule as the cost of breaking and replacing wall tiling can be an expense. But in most cases, it is simply not worth trying to fix leaking taps especially sink and basin mixers.



Why Replace Your Leaking Taps

  • Taps that are old are not going to last much longer even after a repair. You will be paying for another plumber service callout again very soon.
  • Your old tap is probably wasting water and wasting your money too. Not only wasting the amount of water you use but the amount of water you heat.
  • Modern Tapware Technology uses less water so uses less energy. They are more efficient.
  • It is quicker and simpler to replace the tapware than try and repair it. A plumber might charge $190 to fully service your tap so it doesn’t leak anymore and flows again nicely. The problem is that the actual casing may not last much longer and so that $190 is simply wasted. For a small amount extra you can get new efficient tapware fitted with a long 7-year warranty for future peace of mind.



Best practice for replacing leaking tapware

  • It may seem a good idea to take a trip to Bunnings, say, and get a good looking cheap replacement and get the cheapest quote to fit it. Not very sensible. Looks are not everything and price is definitely not everything.
  • 1-year warranty products are really not worth it. Why – well they will fail after 1 year for sure and you are then spending more money again. 1-year warranty products will cost you more in the end.
  • If a chaep product has 5-star ratings and 1-star ratings you need to be careful. The 5 stars are usually posted just after they have been installed and everything seems OK. The 1 star is posted after they have been used a bit and usually say “Do not buy this product” “Cheap Rubbish” “Broke after 3 months”
  • Don’t be fooled by price. Length of Warranty is the better guide. Select products with long warranties and recognised brands. The extra expense will not be as much as getting a plumber to fit another cheap tap one year later.

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