Mytap Terms and conditions of supply, December 2020

If you order goods and services from Mytap, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Eligibility

To be eligible to receive services from Mytap, you must reside in or own the residential property that receives the services, and the property must have a viable and functional water supply

If you are a tenant, you must:

(a) inform us that you are a tenant when booking

(b) give us a signed consent from your landlord or Real Estate Agent to pay for the goods and services provided and installed by us in accordance with these terms and conditions

  1. The services

All services are performed under licence. We reserve the right to engage independent contractors to perform the services on our behalf

We will audit the property to identify what was booked online to ensure it is applicable, and then complete any agreed repair / replacement work

  1. Replacement and Repair work

Where replacement and repair work are confirmed as possible:

(a) we will complete all the work as booked

(b) we will test all work to ensure the goods and services operate correctly

(c) we will remove all rubbish and surplus materials associated with the service from your property

(d) you accept that the work may need to be done, or completed, on a return visit

The following work is excluded from the services and Mytap accepts no responsibility or liability for:

  • Retiling of any disturbed tiled surfaces
  • Re-waterproofing any affected areas
  • Repairs to any existing damage
  • Any latent conditions that are beyond our control
  1. Ordering the services

To book a Mytap product or service, it must be done online at any time at

Our qualified staff are available for service between:

  • 7.30am and 4.30pm on weekdays
  • 8.00am and 4.00pm on Saturdays

When you book an appointment, you are bound by these Terms and conditions

  1. Cancelling the services

You may cancel an appointment and receive a full refund less a bank transaction fee of $7.00 by emailing 48 hours or more before the scheduled appointment time.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be liable for:

(a) the transport cost of your ordered products $25.00

(b) the restocking fee of your ordered products $25.00

(c) a flat rate cancellation fee of $25.00

The total maximum fee for a cancellation made with less than 48 hours’ notice is $75.00.

The remaining value of your booking will then be refunded within 7 business days.

  1. Missed appointment by owner / tenant

Should you, your tenant, or your nominated representative fail to be present at the time the service was booked, a flat rate $125.00 charge will be applied.

If the service is re-booked for a later time, there will be no further charges, however refunds for cancellations will be in accordance with clause 5

  1. Authority

When you order the services, you:

(a) are confirming that you are an owner of the property receiving the services and have the capacity to accept and be bound by these Terms and conditions

(b) confirm that you have your landlord’s signed authority (if you are a tenant) to pay for the goods and services provided and installed by us in accordance with these Terms and conditions, and you have given a copy of these Terms and conditions to the landlord

(c) consent to Mytap staff and contractors entering the property to supply the services

(d) accept full ownership and responsibility of any goods provided

  1. Your obligations

It is essential that you have provided Mytap with good and accurate information when booking

If you book a particular good or service that is not in line with what represents your situation, Mytap will not be liable or obligated to perform those services and refunds and charges will be in accordance clause 5 and 6

You must:

(a) provide us with current contact details. If we are unable to contact you, we will cancel your order for the services and add the appropriate charges as outlined in clauses 5 and 6

(b) be at the property at the scheduled appointment time (or a nominated representative must be present) and be able to give the technician access to all areas of the property needed to provide the services. Different services will require different lengths of time to complete, but as an indicator, please allow 25 to 45 minutes for each task ordered

(c) give the technician any information you have which may assist in locating the water meter or isolation point at the property

(d) alert the technician to any known risks or hazards at the property, including but not limited to dogs, electrical/wiring issues, loose tiles, cracked porcelain, scratched surfaces and unsafe flooring

(e) allow the technician to photograph the water infrastructure and any work completed, including but not limited to taps, toilet suites and surrounding areas

(f) sign the Completion of Work form provided by the technician if you agree that the goods and services you requested have been supplied

(g) pay all charges for the goods and services supplied in accordance with these Terms and conditions

  1. Charges

(a) You must pay the charges for any goods and services supplied (as set out on the website) that you have accepted, and you agree that we can add all charges to your nominated form of payment

(b) If you are a tenant, and do not inform us of that you are a tenant or do not have your landlord’s approval to order the services as required by clause 1, you agree that you (not the landlord) will be responsible to pay all charges for the services supplied in accordance with these Terms and conditions

(c) All charges are payable in either one single payment due when booked, or via a deposit of 35% due when booked with the balance payable when the technician arrives to perform the services but prior to him or her commencing the services

(d) Where more than one property owner has accepted the services, all property owners will be jointly liable for payment

(f) Afterpay is offered for eligible customers

  1. Warranty

The technician will perform the services in a proper and workmanlike manner, with a reasonable standard of care. The goods supplied will be fit for purpose and of merchantable quality. If you have any warranty questions, please email

The warranty period is 12 months for labour and ranges between 1 and 15 years for parts and materials

Should the product(s) or service(s) that were provided found to be in good working order, victims of human error or damaged from negligence or vandalism when requesting a warranty call back, the cost of this call back will be due and payable in the amount listed in clause 6

  1. Audit and compilation of statistics

(a) We may request your permission (or, if you are a tenant, the permission of the landlord) to audit and inspect the work done after its completion for quality assurance. You are not obliged to accept this request

(b) We will only use the information we obtain under this clause to gather statistics. We will de-identify any information you provide to protect your privacy

  1. Privacy notice

We will collect the personal information you give us to administer the Mytap supply services to you

We may also use your personal information to alert you to other service and product offerings we may have from time to time

You have a right to access and modify your personal information that we retain. This clause does not affect the limitations on the use of your information

  1. Mytap’s limitation of liability

To the extent permitted by law, Mytap’s liability for a breach of a condition or warranty implied into these Terms and Conditions by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) other than a condition or warranty which cannot be excluded under that Act is limited to:

(a) replacing the goods or supplying equivalent goods

(b) supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again

  1. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of New South Wales and the parties accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales

  1. Definition and expression meanings of important terms

Charge – The amount you need to pay Mytap for the services supplied including no show charges, cancellation charges and call back charges

Goods – Goods supplied by Mytap in connection with the booking request

Missed appointment – Our technician is not able to supply the services you requested because you, your tenant or an adult member of your household are not home at the agreed time and you fail to provide Mytap with adequate notice or warning to enable us to reschedule the appointment

Personal information – Information which identifies you or from which your identity can be reasonably ascertained.

Schedule of Services and Charges – The schedule that sets out the services we offer under Mytap and their respective charges.

Services – Services supplied by Mytap to you and specified in the Schedule of Services and Charges. A reference to services includes the installation of any goods

Terms and conditions – These Mytap Terms and conditions of supply and the Schedule of Services and Charges

You, your, tenant, landlord, nominated representative – The person who orders the services or books a Mytap appointment