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Kitchen taps are the most used in the house. They are used right throughout the day – washing up, washing vegetables, pouring glasses of water, filling the kettle and more.

In the long run, quality modern kitchen tapware will save you time and money, as it will function properly for many years. The kitchen taps online at MYTAP all have a minimum of 7 years parts and replacement warranties for you peace of mind.

Compared to older tapware, modern kitchen taps come with innovative features that save time and add functionality. They are also more efficient and help save water and your money.  

If you are renovating or building a new kitchen and your plumbing is not already finalised then you can select any style of kitchen tap available from our collection. If you are after replacing an existing piece of tapware then you should select a like for like replacement matching the number of holes in your existing setup.

You maybe able to replace a three hole tap set arrangement with a single hole mixer by hiding the two remaining holes with individual cover plates or a single escutcheon plate. A modern kitchen tap will come with, an efficient aerator that will provide a powerful spray and a WELS rating for water consumption efficiency.



At what water pressure do Kitchen Sink Taps work best?

Most taps and kitchen sink mixers will work between water pressures 150 kpa and 500 kpa. Pressure that exceed 500 kpa will need an approved pressure limiting device fitted. If you have low pressure or gravity fed system you may need to calculate the actual water pressure you are getting – Give us a call.

Can I replace my old kitchen sink taps set to a new single lever mixer tap?

The simple answer is yes but there are some plumbing and cosmetic issues. With the old tap set you have 3 holes in you sink or benchtop. You will be replacing this with a single hole system. There will be two holes remaining that will need to be disguised.

The simplest way is to fit blanking plates to your sink that match the sink colour. Depending on your counter top (if the tap set is fitted here) there are various methods and some custom options that you can use.

You will also need to adjust your plumbing pipework to fit your new mixer tapware.

In what colours are sink taps available?

We stock what have become the standard modern kitchen tapware colours: – Chrome, Black, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Brass or Gold, Gun Metal or Fusil. Some models may be available in White, Rose Gold or multiple colours.

What warranty is a good one for sink mixer taps?

Kitchen sink taps are the most used in the household. You should consider long warranties so you do not keep replacing the tapware and running up big plumbing bills. A cheap 1 year warranty product could well end up costing more than a more expensive long warranty product. MYTAP only sell long warranty taps. Ceramic Disc Cartridges have a 15 year warranty and most taps have a 7 year parts/finish warranty.

Is MYTAP an Australian Company?

Yes. We are an Australian family owned and managed company.

Types Of Kitchen Taps

An attractive set of kitchen taps can enhance the appearance of your whole kitchen and add a timeless touch. With the right kitchen sink mixer, you can set the mood and style of your kitchen.  At MYTAP we have traditional 3 piece tap sets as well as modern single lever high rise mixer tapware available for you to buy online with free shipping. So whatever your kitchen design concept we will have a tap that will suit.

3 Piece Tap sets

These are available as deck or counter top sets or wall mounted units. 

Standard Mixers

These are single lever mixers but are not particularly tall. They can swivel to work with multi sink kitchen basin units and have the ease of operation with the single lever controlling the flow and the temperature. They tend to be entry level tapware and come predominantly in just chrome. Some have a pull out feature.

Tall Mixers

These are probably the most common type of kitchen taps. They are high stylised and have added functionality. The height means it is easier to wash or rinse pots and pans and in general more easily. Design of these units are varied from Square-line to curvy Gooseneck. Some have pull out sprays. These may have single or multiple levers to control flow and temperature – a single lever has the ability to be controlled with one hand.

Colour Finishes

Most units are available in 5 colours – Chrome, Black, Gun Metal, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Brass/Gold. The finishes have long manufactures warranties so you can be assured that your taps will look great for years. 

An attractive set of modern kitchen taps can enhance the appearance of your whole kitchen and add a timeless touch. With the right kitchen sink mixer, you can set the mood and style of your kitchen.  

A quality fitting will save you time and money in the long run, and with so many stylish designs available at MYTAP, you don’t have to compromise on style.  

Sink mixers with pullouts and pulldowns are the latest trend in kitchens. Bringing functionality from commercial kitchens to the home they make food preparation and cleaning easy.

We only sell sink mixers from quality leading brands including Phoenix, Parisi and Millennium  

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