Pull Out Sink Mixers or Pull Down 30+ exciting choices

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Pull Out Sink Mixers or Pull Down Flexible hose Sink Mixers

The emergence of pull out sink mixers and the commercial sink mixer style of tapware in the residential space has been extremely popular. It provides easy rinsing, cleaning, vegetable washing functionality as well as looking professional and exclusive. They have also come to be know as “veggie sprayers”. The use of modern tap aerators will enhance the power of the spray while affecting the WELS rating for the tapware

There are basically two types – the pull out weighted retractable hose and the spring pull down type. There also some hybrids now that combine both types. So you can have the industrial look of the conventional pull down with a retractable hose functionality.

Both have their own pros and cons and the pull out is probably the more popular with a larger availability and in general a cheaper starting price point.

What Is a Pull Out Sink Mixer

Pull Out Sink Mixers - Paco Jaanson Breeze Sink Mixer Brushed Nickel

Pull out sink mixers have a long hose that is pulled out from the tap stem. The hose is either weighted or sprung so that it automatically retracts back down the spout to look like a normal tap again. The retracted length of hose is stored under the counter top. You may find that you need to modify things a bit and be organised under the counter to avoid the hose getting caught up around items, shelving and pipework.

The head can have a single or dual spray functionality. Much like a detachable hand shower the hose has a long reach so it is easy to clean the sink, wash items, fill items not even in the sink and provide a highly flexible water use. They can come in a variety of styles from looking like a standard mixer tap to a tall gooseneck curved spout style.

Pull Out Sink Mixers – The Pros

  • Long reach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reaches all parts of the sink / pots / pans etc
  • Some models have a handpiece
  • Some models have dual function spray
  • Great for filling tall / big items
  • Great for easily washing and cleaning things

Pull Out Sink Mixers  – The Cons

  • Under sink entanglements
  • Shelves can be an issue
  • Lead weight can bang when retracted
  • Lead weight sometimes moves
  • Risk of hose wear / splitting
  • Lots of moving parts and joins

What Is a Pull Down Sink Mixer

Prize Flexible Coil Sink Mixer Brushed Nickel

The standard pull down sink mixer does not have a retractable element. Its flexibility comes from a sprung loaded stem that can also swing. The spring allows for a pull down movement that means the head can spray the entire sink area. The swing movement means you can direct the spray anywhere around the kitchen sink and fill things like pots not actually in the sink.

Again the head can have a single or dual spray functionality some have a squeeze grip mechanism too like the Vivid Multi Function Sink Mixer. One bonus is that with no retractable hose there is no issue with undercounter entanglements.

The industrial look is not everyone’s cup of tea but a strong unit and an excellent choice.

Pull Down Sink Mixer – The Pros

  • No hose to get tangled
  • Suits tight / cluttered cupboards
  • Detachable and flexible
  • Almost zero risk of hose wear / splitting
  • Some models have dual function spray
  • Great for filling tall / big items
  • Perfect for larger deeper sink units

Pull Down Sink Mixer – The Cons

  • Harder to clean
  • Spring look not visually appealing to some people
  • For some has a less desirable commercial aesthetic
  • Can droop if not attached to bracket
  • Minor risk of pinching
  • Spring stretch over time
pull out sink mixers

Nick's Tips

If you are doing a reno or new build and adding plumbing then offset the valves and pipework so they are not in the pathway of the retractable hose. You’ll have no problems with the hose getting caught on things that way.

Don’t forget to mention this to your plumber before its too late. If you live in Sydney Metro check out our free and $99 installation for these products.

The MyTap Flexible Hose Kitchen Sink Mixers

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