Hydrosense Shower Heads for Powerful Showers

Phoenix HydroSense Shower Heads

Phoenix HydroSense Shower Heads are a unique shower spray system that speeds up the water flow and creates a powerful wide spray even with low pressure water supply. The actual water flow is 8.5 LPM but it feels like 22 LPM providing a powerful shower experience.

The waterflow is accelerated through the shower head flow path and then dispersed in a larger coverage of droplets to create a powerful and wide shower sensation.

Can I just replace my shower head with HydroSense?

Yes, HydroSence can be retrofitted. The built in adapter will fit an exisitng standard 1/2 inch screw fitting.

You simply attach the adapter and then clip on the round casing that attaches the shower unit.

Easy installation that will not necessarily need a plumber to install if the existing 1/2 inch fitting is in the right position.

HydroSense Shower Products

HydroSence is available in two collections. NX Orli and NX Iko. The Iko is round while the Orli is rectangular or square. There are Rail, Twin Shower, Hand Shower and overhead drenchers for all type of shower functionality. High quality Chrome and Matt Black finishes for a stylish and modern look.

HydroSense products come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind and a lifetime of great shower enjoyment.

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