5 Shower Mixer Taps for Your New Bathroom

Oct 8, 2022 | Taps

Shower Mixer Taps are a great solution for the “perfect” shower

Shower Mixer Taps are a great piece of tapware. They mix hot and cold water to your selected temperature and flow rate, using one hand in a simple action. If you leave the mixer in your favourite position then you get you perfect shower temperature by simply pulling the lever to “on”. You also don’t get cold or “burnt” by turning off individual taps. You simply push the lever to off and the flow stops without any temperature change.

Using a shower mixer gives you a wide selection of shower options and rose type. If you are renovating you should consider the introduction of a shower mixer.

For economic and environmental issues you should also consider the WELS rating for the shower types. The WELS rating is based on the flow per minute and therefore how much water is used. The mixer is not rated as you can change the flow rate but the shower head will be rated as it is the final point of flow rate.

Below are 5 great shower mixers to consider. They represent the different types of shower mixers that you can choose from

Elli II 190mm Shower Mixer in Brushed Brass by Parisi

This simple tilt and turn wall mounted shower mixer comes in five colours including the Brushed Brass. Made by Parisi a quality Australian brand that is used extensively by property developers across Australia.

The mixer is of a solid brass construction and comes with a 15 year Ceramic Disc Cartridge warranty and up to 15 years on the choice of finish. The mixer can also be used for bath and basins.

Also available in chrome, matt black, gun metal, and brushed nickel

Elli II 190mm Wall Mixer Bath Basin Shower Brushed Brass

Axia Shower Mixer in Brushed Nickel by Phoenix

This international award winning design uses a progressive brass cartridge for a dial control. Gives precision in temperature control. The cartridge has a lifetime warranty and provides extra water and energy saving. Designed in Australia with a minimal look for any modern bathroom.

There is also a dual dial configuration for control of a second outlet like a bath or basin

Also available in chrome and matt black

Axia Shower Bath Mixer Brushed Nickel

Vivid Slimline Shower Mixer Gun Metal by Phoenix

These elegant Shower Mixer taps are part of the Vivid Slimline collections characterised by the slim pin handle for the mixer control.

Durable construction with a 15 year ceramic cartridge warranty for your peace of mind.

Available with a smaller 60mm backplate and in chrome, matt black, brushed nickel and brushed brass

Vivid Slimline Shower - Wall Mixer 60mm Backplate Gun Metal
Envy II Wall Mixer 2 Way Diverter Shower Matt Black by Parisi

These diverter shower mixer taps from Paris come in 5 colours and with a 15 year ceramic disc cartridge warranty. The two way diverter allows the mixer to control two outlets a hand shower or bath outlet for example.

Tilt and turn operation for easy use and brass construction for durability.

Available in chrome, gun metal, brushed nickel and brushed brass.

Envy II Wall Mixer 2 Way Diverter Bath Shower Matt Black
Vivid Slimline Wall Mixer Hand Shower Brushed Brass

A Hand Shower with pin handled mixer control and a 180° rotary diverter dial. You can control another shower head or a bath with this versatile unit.

Brass backplate and 15 year ceramic cartridge warranty. Single function hand shower with 3 star 8LPM WELS rated.

Also available in chrome, matt black, gun metal and brushed nickel

Vivid Slimline Wall Mixer Handshower Brushed Brass

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