5 Great Black Kitchen Sink Mixers

Black Kitchen Sink Mixers

The emergence of colour tapware has created huge opportunities in Kitchen and Bathroom design. Coordinating benchtops, appliances and tapware is now a designers dream. Black tapware has been a major contributor to bold imaginative kitchens. True black taps have been around a while now but they are definitely here to stay. They match similar colours in kitchen appliances now and remain a stunning contrasting colour that creates a modern chic look. Black remains the New Black and will for a long time.

Maintaining black tapware is pretty simple. Only use soapy water and a soft cloth and the finish will last for years. If you use chemicals or scouring materials you run the risk of damaging the finish.

MYTAP have selected 5 of our favourite Black Kitchen Sink Mixers from our stocked brands. Any one of these will be a great purchase replacing your old mixer or complimenting your new Kitchen design.

All of our selections are single lever mixers so you can control the temperature and flow with one hand.

Black Kitchen Sink Mixers


Vivid Slimline Oval Sink Mixer 160mm Gooseneck Matt Black

One of the truly elegant black kitchen sink mixers from Phoenix that provides a modern sophistication that will compliment any kitchen design. Thin rounded levers are easy to control the mixer flow and the height of the gooseneck spout provides extra room to deal with post and pans and other large kitchenware items.

  • 360° swivel spout for enhanced functionality
  • Solid brass construction
  • 5 Star WELS rating – 6 L/min
  • 15 year cartridge & 7-year parts warranty.


Vivid Slimline Pull Out Sink Mixer Matt Black

Another sink mixer from the Vivid Slimline collection. This unit also has the pull out function so you can really target the water spray. Great for large sinks. A great black kitchen tap.

  • Single function handpiece
  • Pull-out braided stainless steel hose
  • 5 Star WELS rating – 5L/min
  • 15 year 25mm cartridge & 7-year parts warranty. 

Elli Sink Mixer Pull Out Round Spout Matt Black – Parisi

A fine example of the black sink mixers from Parisi Tapware. The pull-out spray has a 230mm reach with a concealed aerator. An extremely efficient water-saving unit. The black finish will complement any kitchen design.

  • Brass construction
  • 98 x 264 x 392mm
  • Tilt and turn
  • 230mm Reach. Concealed aerator
  • 6 Star WELS Rating – 4.5 L/min
  • 15-year Warranty

Nostalgia Shower Wall Mixer Black – Quality Phoenix Tapware

Millennium are a quality Australian brand. This thin levered mixer is perfect for any kitchen or laundry. A durable black kitchen tap that is exceptional value from the tapware stable that also  makes Caroma

  • Brass construction
  • 4 Star 7 L/min
  • Maximum operating pressure 500kpa
  • Minimum operating pressure 150kpa
  • Maximum water temperature 80 degrees
  • 15-year Warranty


Teva Sink Mixer Matte Black

Last but not least in our 5 great black kitchen sink mixers selection is the striking modern squareline mixer that will suit any kitchen or laundry. The stylish Teva sink mixer is really great value and a quality brass constructed tapware unit.

  • 360° swivel spout for enhanced functionality
  • Ergonomic handle design for ease of use
  • 4Star WELS rating – 7 L/min
  • 35mm ceramic cartridge with 15-year warranty
  • Coloured Hot & Cold indicators

You can also match tapware and accessories from the  MYTAP complete range of Black Taps

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Things to consider in choosing Black Kitchen Sink Mixers


1. Functionality and Compatibility 

The truth is, no matter how attractive black kitchen sink mixers appear, if they don’t fulfil your requirements, then they are probably not the right tap for you. No matter how tempting it might be to get caught up in the style and look, it is vital to consider functionality and compatibility.

If you are building a new kitchen, you will have the luxury of choosing whatever taps you like. Compatibility is not an issue as you have total control over the plumbing.

When renovating or simply updating your old tap, however, you’ll need to make sure the tap matches your existing kitchen plumbing and measurements. How many holes have already been drilled into your sink or countertop? Are you looking for something tall above your basin or is it wall-mounted? Does it need to be in the middle, or on the side?

You should also choose the tap that matches your lifestyle and needs. A kitchen tap with a wide range of movement and flexibility, a pull-out spray, is probably the best solution for someone who does a lot of cooking, rinsing and veggie washing. A simple pillar mixer is the budget solution without any frills.

2. What’s the difference between a single-lever mixer and a 3 piece set?

Mixers as the name implies, combine both hot and cold water flow in a single spout. A single-lever mixer controls both the flow of water and the temperature – vertical movement regulates water flow and horizontal movements control temperature.

Three-piece sets come with one tap or lever for cold water and another for hot water. The temperature and flow is controlled separately by each individual tap.

3.Pull Out Spray Taps

Pull out taps have an extractable flexible hose that allows you to direct the water spray where you need it. This can be really helpful when washing large pots and pans, washing vegetables or cleaning the sink. Some models have the ability to control the spray effect and strength making it easier to remove stubborn deposits from plates, pots etc. Fitted aerators provide a directional and powerful spray that also affects the tap’s WELS rating.

4. Ceramic Discs

The latest ceramic disc technology replaces the traditional washer and feed pipe. Water flow is controlled by the rotated positions of 2 ceramic discs. When the discs align properly the water will flow. They are more durable and promote water conservation. They are also easier to operate as the flow can be controlled in as little as a “quarter turn”.

5. WELS efficiency rating

The WELS rating system is an Australian Government initiative to measure the efficiency of plumbing fixtures. It provides a star rating based on the water flow per minute of the fixture. The more stars the more efficient the fixture is. This not only saves water consumption but also can save the user money on water usage and energy consumption too.

6. Colour

Black Kitchen Sink Mixers are a strong bold statement and can look stunning in the right design concept. They will go with most colour schemes but if the rest of the tapware is of a different colour it can look a bit out of place – too bold a statement. If that is the case then we have models are available in other colours. You can always match the Black Kitchen Sink Mixers with other black products in our catalogue

Black Bathroom Tapware

If you need matching black bathroom tapware then MYTAP have matching colours across the collections. You can now coordinate the whole home from the same range.

We also have stunning black shower products from collections like Akemi. NX Quill, Konti, Vivid Slimline and more. You can also select black bathroom accessories to finish the look.

Black remains and will remain an extremely popular colour for kitchen and bathroom fixtures. You can be confident that the look you create will be chic and sophisticated and can add value to any property you are renovating for a quick sale.


Black Bathroom Tapware

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