Ready To Ship

With the current global supply chain issues, we have introduced a new Feature – Ready To Ship. This will provide easy to view indication of products that are currently in plentiful numbers at our distributors. The information is provided by the distributors so you can order products that will be delivered quickly. This means that you will not have long wait times to get your products.

This will be updated when we receive, any change in status from our distributors. More products will be added as the supply chain issues return to normal.

If you are in urgent need of any product you can always email us to check stock availability. We will then check directly with suppliers about the products you need and then be able to confirm their availability status.


The green Ready To Ship label indicates the high volume availability of the item for quick despatch.

We have also added a Ready To Ship filter so you can filter your search by products that are in high volume availability. 

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