PHOENIX TAPWARE Free Installation Offer

Pay RRP and get your tapware installed for free!

ALL mixer taps have a 15-year cartridge warranty.
ALL tap sets have a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.
ALL coloured products have a 7-year colour warranty.
ALL other components have a 7-year products and parts warranty.
ALL a 2-year MYTAP installation warranty.

Best Value Tapware with Proven Quality and Fair Prices.

These handpicked Phoenix products have been chosen because of their reputation, industry credibility, design, and durability. At MYTAP, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality possible and fair pricing.

What we don’t believe in is buying cheap, unreliable, and poorly manufactured products that only carry a 1-YEAR WARRANTY and will most likely require replacement or repair sooner than that.

We only offer superior products, so you won’t be wasting YOUR TIME getting the plumber back. Cheap taps are never an economical solution, it’s like buying from the two-dollar shop, there’s some things you shouldn’t penny pinch on, especially something that could FLOOD YOUR PROPERTY.

You are better off buying products with warranties up to 15 years and getting FREE INSTALLATION by MYTAP’S licensed and qualified plumbers.

When you consider that Bunnings charge their customers $150 installation PER PRODUCT, you will appreciate how good this offer is.

You buy at the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price and we do the installation FREE, it’s that simple. No tricks, terms, conditions, or gimmicks.

If you have any doubts that your selection is the right product check out our How To Select the Right Tapware

Tap Replacement with Free Installation
Popular Colours Available:
Matt Black Taps
Brushed Brass Taps
Brushed Nickel Taps
Gun Metal Taps
and Chrome Taps

All RRP Prices Include Free Installation

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