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Phoenix Tapware

Tap Replacement Supply and Installation Bundles

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Save $100s TODAY

Phoenix Tapware Ivy Bundle Deals

Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Tapware 

Kitchen Sink Mixer, Wall Sink Set, Basin Mixer, Basin Set, Bath Set and Showers

Perfect for residential, commercial, renovations and new builds.


If your taps are leaking or simply old this is the best deal you will ever get.

The MYTAP Phoenix Tapware deals provide an opportunity to replace “like for like” your old tapware with high-quality products with long warranties and save $100s in the process. 

Great Australian products built to last, long warranties, includes complete installation.

We are currently offering bundles from the quality Ivy collection by Phoenix Tapware. These bundles will suit all types of residential or commercial applications – renovation or new builds. They come with a 7-year manufacturer products and parts warranty, 15-year cartridge warranty and 2-year MYTAP installation warranty. Great long-lasting products at unbeatable prices that include complete installation and GST.

Why go for a long warranty?

Simply because cheap 1-year warranty taps will not last. You will be paying for a new tap and another installation before you know it. In the long run, poor quality taps are more expensive and these MYTAP deals are so good you will save a huge amount over the 7 years. Actually these deals will save you money today.

How much will you save?

Literally hundreds of dollars. The more you buy the more you save.

For example a megastore will charge you $150 to fit EACH tap. So as a comparison. if you buy a $599 4-tap bundle with MYTAP you will be getting all the superior taps for nothing! In fact, the complete MYTAP price (tapware and installation) is actually cheaper than the megastore installation fees of $600 for the four taps alone! You could be saving up to $500!

With a $499 3-tap MYTAP bundle comparison, the megastore would charge $450 for just installing the 3 taps. That means all the MYTAP 7-year warranty tapware would cost you under $50! That’s how mad these deals are. You could save $400.

These deals are not too good to be true. If your tapware is getting too old you could replace the lot at these prices, save a lot of money and have 7 years peace of mind! You can also use AfterPay to spread the payments too if you want.

A Tapware Service by MYTAP for Sydney Metro and Wollongong District.

Great savings for your Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen and Laundry redesigns. The more you buy the more you save. We don’t charge an installation fee for every tap we install. Fair pricing is what MYTAP is all about. Don’t miss these deals. Tell your friends – Share on Social. Let everyone in on the secret!

What’s Included in the bundle

  • The Phoenix Tapware you select
  • Price includes Installation and GST
  • Your choice of 3 payment methods including AfterPay*
  • Professional, Police Checked, Qualified Plumbers
  • Prompt, polite, fast and clean work
  • Complete installation
  • Rubbish removal
  • 7-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 15-year Cartridge Warranty
  • 2-year MYTAP Installation Warranty

* Please note if you use AfterPay a 6% surcharge will be payable on the day of installation

Our Ivy bundles include these products for you to select from:

  • The Ivy MKII Sink Mixer
  • The Ivy MKII Basin Mixer
  • The Ivy Basin Set
  • The Ivy Bath Set
  • The Ivy Commander Shower Set
  • The Ivy Hand Shower on Rail
  • The Ivy Universal Shower Set
  • The Ivy Wall Sink Set

The Phoenix Tapware Deals

Offer Ends 31st March

Select how many products you want then choose the individual items.

Price Includes the installation of all the products in the bundle you select. UNBEATABLE VALUE.

This is the best deal you will find anywhere. There is no catch. Just One Price.

Phoenix Tapware Deals

Any 2 Products for $399 inc GST and Installation

Phoenix Tapware Bundles

Any 3 Products for $499 inc GST and Installation

Phoenix Tapware Ivy Range Bundles

Any 4 Products for $599 inc GST and Installation

Ivy Tapware Range Deals

Any 5 Products for $699 inc GST and Installation

Ivy Range Deals from MYTAP

Any 6 Products for $799 inc GST and Installation

MYTAP Ivy Range Deals

Any 7 Products for $899 inc GST and Installation

MYTAP Phoenix Tapware Deals

Any 8 Products for $999 inc GST and Installation


For purchases over 8 we ask you to call us directly so we can provide you with the very best prices. By calling us we can organise the best time with you and take your booking.

Plumbing Services Sydney and Melbourne MYTAP

MYTAP provides a new type of plumbing service that you can buy online. Our fixed supply and installation pricing means there is just ONE PRICE FOR THE COMPLETE JOB. No Call Out fees, delivery charges, hidden extras, no revisits for missing parts. Our qualified plumbers turn up and complete the job for the online price. Simple as that.

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Our pricing is a Fixed Price for everything – Supply and Install – No extras – Just One Price

You will only deal with one company – MYTAP. All warranty issues are handled by MYTAP too.

MYTAP provides quality products with long warranties, qualified plumbers, exceptional after sales services.